Master Manifestor Course

Level 2 Home Study Master Course

Before we learn more about this course let’s find out if this is the right course for you! You are tired of being stuck in your results, not getting the results you want and want to create MASSIVE change now! 
Do you want to make a million dollars and beyond? You can! Do you want to create a new HEALTHY relationship? You can but, do you have the basic understanding of the secrets to manifesting the GOOD STUFF in your life? 
If everytime you manifest something good something negative follows, if you seem to get what you want and it never makes you happy,  the success never really fulfills you in the end or you manifestation always come back to you unlike how you desired to receive it… it comes to you a deformed and defective from the way you imagined it then YOU NEED THIS COURSE! It is for you! I was here just 9 years ago. Experiencing everything you just read and worse. There is no question about it, I can help you create the life you were destined for. You need to understand how and why you are creating the results you have in your life.  
I am the manifestation healer, teacher and consultant! I was there and you won’t do this alone. Buy Now or keep reading.
If you are still questioning if you should take this course take a look at your life now. What brought you to this page; look at the results you are getting in every area of your life. If you aren’t getting the results you desire and you are NOT where you want to be, you know you need this course. 
The “Master Manifestor Course” is a twelve week course designed to help you learn the formula for success. It can be used over and over again, always hitting bigger results. Some clients have so much success they find it hard to finish the course because they get so busy with opportunities coming in.
This course has a different lesson each and every week, you have a week to perfect the manifestation skill taught and see it start working in your life. You’ll learn your unique way of manifesting for you! The initial weekly home study modules are 45 – 75 minutes in length. The homework is about 10 minutes – 20 minutes daily starting at week 3. You get weeks to play because play is a major part of manifesting.
This is a master course meaning it can bring anything you want into your life. You can learn how to manifest real love, money, happier family life, a bigger home, and miracles. You decide what you want to create. It’s so easy the whole family can do it together.
Some things you will learn; how to eradicate fear, how fear can be your friend, learn your special unique way of manifesting, learning to have fun as a way of creating your life and discover your real passions in life and many other incredible lessons.
Your teacher is celebrity healer Adrien Blackwell, has been featured on many TV shows around the globe including, E!, NBC NEWS, Travel Channel, and Bio Channel.
Adrien’s healing background as a Reiki Master-Teacher, Shamanic Healer, Theta Healer, and Medical Qigong student was the catalyst for her to create her own modality Ascended Healing and the recorded healing called Ascension Codes.
Her clients experience so many love, financial, and health miracles that she now works as a full-time healer offering powerful, life-changing activations and shifts. Adrien never claims to do anything, nor does she claim you will get the same results, however she does listen to and share the testimonial of her clients which include, disease disappearing after a session, a client took her money course with the intention to become a millionaire and this is what she had to say, I remember also you said you wanted to create some millionaires from this course. You did it. -L.
She can help you create miracles in your world if you are ready.
The only question left to answer is are you ready for change? Do nothing and nothing changes! Change and everything changes! This is your opportunity to change!

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Payment plan option below:

Pay in Full $1499 or  

Payment Plan: $500 + $200 bi-weekly for 5 additional cycles.