• Are You Hiding Behind Your Career to Mask Your Desire to Experience Real Lasting Love?


    I’m a healer, that means I heal you overall, however, where I specialize is, if your slogan is, “I don’t need a man,” you are always looking at how to get out of your marriage or relationship, you feel the love is a waste of time when you could be focused on money instead but you secretly long for love, sometimes even feeling desperate for it you’ve come to the right place.

    I never sought to bring love to others because I was feeling the same way myself, but the Universe had a divine place for me to help women find and keep love. It’s a beautiful profession and I thank my lucky stars I get to help women like you. Women come to me mostly for help with career issues when their underlying desire is actually love. I help them move beyond the BS story about why they can’t have love right now and why it never works out to focus on and manifest romantic love! I even help women in their 30’s and 40’s who have never had a real relationship.

    Let me let you in on a little secret. It’s never too late. They ultimately face their true desire to find their perfect-for-them partnership. If you are using money as a way to get out of your relationship, or to be safe and secure in a love relationship, or to avoid relationships, you need a love intensive to change your love story! Money and career-related relationships will always be a problem if you are using it to avoid love. Why not have both love and money?

    My second type of client is something I am truly passionate about. I have the pleasure of helping plus-size women heal self-image issues to find a loving, committed partnership when they feel it’s impossible. This can also be your mask you hide behind because love may scare you. You’re terrified of being hurt again, rejected, and being left alone. Your person is out there looking for you; are you going to allow yourself to be found?

    The clock is ticking; it’s time to create a healthy, lasting love-marriage. In short, you can have it all! You can have your cake, eat it too with icing on top. I mean, what’s the point of having cake if you can’t eat it anyway?

    Ready to create real love? Your guides, ancestors, and higher-self are all waiting for you to say, “YES!”.

    I’m sure, like me, many of you have had resistance to attracting a new partner or refocusing on love instead of money. I had a hunger and desire to succeed in other areas of my life, but I was afraid. Fear of love, being hurt, the past repeating itself, and maybe even being told I am not good enough in the end. To be honest, every excuse was a good excuse not to have love, to stay single, and keep men at arms length. So one area would suffer, while I succeeded elsewhere or suffered elsewhere. Either way, I had a welcomed distraction. I learned through healing that I was wrong about what love could be. I learned to have it all.

    Part of the process is teaching women how to be in the energy of success to create more money in less time so they can make time and room for their passion, families and creating that nurturing, soul mate relationship you’ve been longing for. Put your manifestations on autopilot. If you feel like you don’t have the energy to keep going then decide to step into the energy of success today! 

    With celebrity healer Adrien Blackwell you could be 90 days away from a new life; a life where you know how to manifest the life you were meant to live. Discover the evidence that your ideal life can truly be your new reality by learning the formula and the secrets to successfully attracting the life you’ve dreamed of and much more.  What’s stopping you? Write Adrien to get started today! 

    What’s your passion and purpose? Is your purpose being with your soulmate-divine perfect partner, helping others or building the home you’ve always dreamt of? Did you know passion and purpose isn’t just how you make money; however, your passion can help you unleash your wealth? Love can be your passion!

    Want to know more?

    With thirteen modalities under my belt, we’ll work with the ancestors, mediumship, past lives, and this life healing to create what you desire. The results truly are magnificent.

    Message Adrien for more information about booking a session or doing a love intensive to transform your being.

    “Wow, I say just WOW. How does it get any better than this? Adrien, you have super powers unlike any healer I’ve ever worked with before.”  

    Most people do not know the secrets to manifesting, you could be famous, successful in your career, have the most amazing marriage but something in your life is missing and you can’t figure out how to make it work. My name is Adrien and it’s lovely to meet you. Keep reading below to get to know me. I’m looking forward to getting to know you as well. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write me. If you are looking to create miracles in your love life, financial freedom in your future, a bigger home and an upgrade in your happiness, then I have the tools, classes, and healing you need right here!

    Celebrity healer Adrien Blackwell, has been featured on many TV shows around the globe including, E!, NBC NEWS, Travel Channel, and Bio Channel. Adrien has a healing background as a Reiki Master-Teacher, Shamanic Healer, Theta Healer, and Medical Qigong student. That was the catalyst for her to create her own modality Ascended Healing and the recorded healing called Ascension Codes.

    I remember also you said you wanted to create some millionaires from this course. You did it. -L.  

    Her clients experience so many love, financial, and health miracles that she now works as a full-time healer offering powerful, life-changing activations and shifts.

    Adrien never claims to do anything, nor does she claim you will get the same results, however she does listen to and share the testimonial of her clients which include, disease disappearing after a session, a client took her money course with the intention to become a millionaire and this is what she had to say, “I remember also you said you wanted to create some millionaires from this course. You did it.” -L. She can help you create miracles in your world if you are ready.


    Ascension Codes are pre-recorded Ascended healing which clients listen to in order to receive their healing instead of a live, one-on-one call. These healings are just as effective as a direct, personal healing and can still make changes in your life. The fact that it is recorded will not diminish it’s effectiveness.

    Often, people report they can actually hear the frequencies in the healing. You’ll listen to a short lesson and then a healing that may be done mostly in silence, or while Adrien is teaching. Changing your life could be as simple as clicking play. These Ascension Codes can be used over and over again to clear the many different levels and layers we need healed. Visit the store

    Making Miracles Happen Series

    Making Miracles Happen, so that you can learn how to release control, learn the art of surrender to help heal from anything! Available for purchase is the 25-Days of Giving Edition, and you receive the love edition and health edition of this interview series as a free bonus!


    I signed up for the Making Miracles Happen Series because I liked the theme about love relationship as catalyst and base for personal growth. I didn’t know that when Love edition end will start Health edition and that was very pleasant surprise for me. The whole event was wonderful, full of inspiring stories, new perspectives and laughter. The best summit I’ve ever watched. Thank you, Adrien!

    Love your way of interviewing; so much fun and joy and LOL!

    I loved so many speakers, but I especially loved the way Adrien lead the interviews and the great questions she asked.


    Thank you so much!  Wow!  That webinar was exactly what I needed!  I had a huge revelation I wanted to share with you! …my jaw is on the fl