Ascension Intensive

The Mini Master Manifestor Course
Ascension Healing Intensive
90-days to emotional freedom
Level I
Take a moment to think about your life. Is there an area of your life that seems to be in a loop that you can’t get out of? The same type of boss no matter the job, the same situation in love and partnerships, money situation never seems to change or you can never save no matter how much you have?
Then this is STEP 1 in learning how to manifest!
I call this the mini Master Manifestor Course for people who feel they are in a manifestation loop they can’t seem to get out of. You attract the same type of relationships, jobs or money situation. Nothing you do seems to improve your situation in one particular area of your life. This is an absolute must for those ready to shift the energy behind it the loop and accelerate your healing and results.
 It’s not too late to manifest the life you’ve dreamed! You just need to learn to manifest the proper way to get the results you want. Emotions hold us back, whether we are aware of it or not, our subconscious mind is always assessing the next danger and it will try to keep us from anything that might cause pain! This can stop our manifestations. It doesn’t matter the manifestation, money, love, health, wealth, abundance, spiritual growth, learning, business and relationships can all be sabotaged by our own thoughts and feelings, no matter if the threat is real or imagined. Most threats are imagined or have passed never to plague us again, but that doesn’t stop us from running away and hiding in the shadows. Would you like to experience 90-days to emotional freedom so you can create the life you desire? Would you like for happiness and prosperity to be your go to emotion in life?
This 12-week course sends you 3-4 healings at a time, on a weekly bases with instructions, some are my free healings, paired with my store healings (valued at $900+ in store healings) while you have some daily and weekly exercises that start helping you manifest positive change in your life at the same time you’ll finally deal with the grief, guilt, shame, and fear that holds you back. If you need an affordable alternative to the Master Manifestor Course this is the intensive for you!
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