Master Manifestor Elite Live

Level 3 

Elite Master Manifestor Live 24-Week 

Accerated Healing Program

You are invited to come experience the Master Manifestor Elite 24-Week Healing & Mentorship that begins this week! Sometimes we feel like we just need answers, help, support a mentor, but we don’t know which way to turn. What do you feel would change if you got the answers you were seeking?

There is a new weekly program now available and it’s only a click away via Zoom. I meet once a week with a talented group of women who are ready for the next stage of their lives, the next stage of having it all!

If you are like me, you want to jump straight into level 3. No waiting, 24-weeks of non-stop learning, healing and change. It takes about 90-days to completely change your life into something brand new. In 180 days, you can change your life twice over! Perfecting it more and more with each passing week.

Who is this right for? I mostly work with busy, professional, career-driven women who want more out of life than just a great career and more money. They want to make more money while working less and spend more time with family while balancing time for self-care. These amazing women know the clock is ticking, so they also want to create a healthy, lasting love life too. In short, they want it all! They have always settled, even though they feel they should not have to, but they never knew how to get there…until now!

In my method of change, healing is ALWAYS the priority, but to learn what needs to be healed we always get our clarity on what we want to manifest, from love and money to health and peace of mind. It’s no different from being clear on why you are saving for retirement. What’s beyond work, do you want to travel, vacation, enjoy time with the grandkids when the time comes? There is something you want the money for, there is a reason you desire a partner in your bed every night as you fall asleep, the soft touch on your arm and a gentle kiss on the lips because it feels good just to do it, or you desire the security of a person to call your own. There is always a deeper meaning behind YOUR “why”! Are you ready to get clear on that? It typically takes two years for people to figure out what it is as their desires and goals get refined, we do this in days.

With the 6-Month accelerated GROUP healing program called “Master Manifestor Elite LIVE”! We are turning decades into days by discovering your true desires and discovering the BLOCKS to your desires. Is it really your blocks that you carry?

Then let us heal to remove the blocks so you can move on to bliss, excitement and enthusiasm in life, which will lead to spontaneous healing even when we are not on the call, and it will happen as you need it! What you will find, as if by magic, things you desire and love will appear everywhere you look. Your new life can just be offered to you at times. You will finally be seen and heard by the Universe itself.

The truth is, nothing stays the same! We must create, clean, repair and maintain everything in life so you are either growing/creating or seeing the decay slowly killing your business, your love life and living your passions. You want to move closer to the top of the mountain of success vs. toward the graveyard of failure and having to start over from scratch. Today is the day you can claim YOUR freedom! 

All you have to do is start by sending me an email and let me know you are interested in this program! If you are, then let us set up a short call to see if it is right for you or simply start at level one at the link above to get ready for level two and three. Move at your pace, just keep moving forward!

Now shoot me an email if this sounds delicious to your soul!

Let’s find out if this is right for you! 

ask @ AdrienBlackwell . com