Thinner Trimmer You Detox

Manifestation Course
12-Weeks to Change
I released 100+ pounds and so can you!

This is my favorite class out of all of your classes! – K in USA

YOU CAN BE A MASTER MANIFESTOR and you can use this superpower to transform your body, mind and spirit. Taking the Master Manifestor Course first is recommended but not a requirement. This is not a weight loss class, but rather a mental, physical and emotional detox course for you to remove blocks to manifesting your ideal healthy body. 
Have you been overweight for most of your life? Have you dieted, do you eat healthy, are you having craving for junk food the same way you crave love that you aren’t getting? If you would like to heal that this is the course for you!
This course is designed for women who can’t explain why they are overweight.  Women who have experienced a lot of fear, trauma or bad relationships with family. Weight is either stored as an awesome “safety feature” created as a barrier of protection that we will transform to TRUE SAFETY while living a healthy lifestyle. It can also be an underlying health issue you are unaware of other than eating bad or lack of exercise. Wouldn’t you like to find and heal your underlying cause?
What’s the emotional, mental or physical source that could be causing weight gain? Either way… guess what? It’s NOT YOUR FAULT! It’s time to take responsibility and get your life back NOW!
The best thing about detox is it dumps the waste from your body and mind. You will see it in your body and feel it in your thoughts. Your reproductive system will feel the difference, your gut, your heart and much more. Have you been trying to eat better, live better, exercise more and lack motivation or just don’t feel good? It’s not laziness, there is more going on in your body that you are not aware of. We are taught this is just us being lazy vs. actually listening to and understanding our bodies and emotions!
We fail at health because we don’t know what is going on with our health. We definitely aren’t taught how to heal it. We end up feeling bad, ugly, useless and in pain. There is a reason for this and it’s time to heal it completely so that we feel better because you worthy of the amazing results!
This is advance course for long term weight management and or health management. Too many of us have been sick and in pain for far too long!
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